To The Hands: New Faces New Dances Festival, SZENE Salzburg (AT)

The sensuality of touch, the pleasure of a hand sliding across the back, the tension when in close proximity: to the hands is a choreography of touch. On string and vocal compositions of Caroline Shaw the five dancers engage in intimate, careful and affective relations.

Travelling through historic artistic and social imagery around touch, the dancers depict the deep need of touch as a base to understand the world. From the Ain Sakhri stone, to the famous fresco painting by Michelangelo – The Creation of Adam -, to old scores of medieval social dances, to early recordings of contact improvisation: to the hands is a wild ride across these events, transformed and interpreted by the dancers.

A sensual, sensitive choreography that makes one reconsider what we might too often take for granted: touch.

Choreography & Light Michiel Vandevelde
Production: Blackmountain Co-production: Disagree. vzw