Fashion Council Germany, in partnership with the Swarovski Foundation and The Prince’s Foundation, is committed to nurturing young fashion and textile designers by providing young graduates with a tailored programme in sustainability, craftsmanship and innovation .

The Fashion Council Germany’s mission is to create more awareness for sustainable practices and to promote new emerging talents through initiatives and projects like the Rising Voices Award. This new project, initiated by the Fashion Council Germany in collaboration with UGG®, aims to support, motivate and promote the next generation of emerging German designers who are committed to a more sustainable future for the fashion industry and whose vision and DNA embody the bold, expressive nature of UGG®.

Archive PDF article – Designer Showcase: Milk of Lime Instagram

Milk of Lime (@milk_of_lime) showcases a new perspective towards sustainability in the fashion world, as co-founders Julia Ballardt & Nico Verhaegen bring forward a farm-to-table mentality to the processes of material sourcing and garment manufacturing. Ballardt and Verhaegen are both alumni of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, as they both received a Masters in Fashion and Apparel Design in 2020. Their approach to craftsmanship, pattern cutting, and fabric manipulation are a strong representation of their studies and surroundings, as they seek to unite contemporary designs with their communities of rural Germany and Belgium. The two main pillars of Milk and Lime are durable materials and craftsmanship, with the core foundation of the brand being bespoke creations and one-of-ones. The goal is to introduce and maintain sustainable fashion processes, and this is evident through their material sourcing. Ballardt & Verhaegen focus directly on finding deadstock, recycled leather, tencel, and scraps in their local communities. In return, the garments created contain significant properties of natural materials that have longevity, comfort, and health impacts that aren’t synthetic. Ballardt & Verhaegen are genuinely redefining the properties and approaches of sustainability in fashion.

One of the more interesting components of Milk of Lime is their refusal to follow the traditional fashion calendar of seasonal rollouts & releases. Instead, they release products based on the farmer’s moon calendar. So every full moon, new items are released and available for 24 hours. The goal is to avoid overproduction and only produce the exact amount of garments purchased within that allocated time period. While one might question this approach with immense skepticism, I personally love every aspect of Milk of Lime and their product release procedures. While major brands utilize hype and artificial scarcity to promote their new collections, Milk of Lime is actually producing scarce garments with scarce materials. It’s a breath of needed fresh air to an oversaturated fashion industry.

Writer: @artvanstanza