A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in the making of this show. Your support means the world to us. – Runway photos by: Finnegan Godenschweger

Models in order of appearance: Lotta, Lisa-Marie, Augustina, Frederik, Daria, Lea, Kingsley, Martin, Soleil, Vanessa, Jonathan, Lafayette, Jonte, Anna, Subin, Laura, Luca, Artyom, Thalo, Polina

Styling: Charlotte Buchal Casting: Moritz Alte Live music: Adriaan de Roover
MAKE-UP TEAM Lead: Jenneke Croubels

1st assistant: Maria Ovejero

Assistants: Naomzz, Samantha Pottmaier, Darja Crainiucenco, Eva Herbohn, Mai Anh

Tools provided by ELLIS FAAS

HAIR TEAM Lead: Sanne Schoofs

1st assistant: Robbe Vermaeten

Assistants: Evara Collin, Liesbeth Cobbaert, Sinan Salihovic, Eavan Derbyshire, Taiga

Products: Balmain Hair Couture

Ceramic Jewelry: 3sechzig Floral Styling: Studio Linné
Model Coordination: Pauline Moos Choreography & Runway: Rozalie Klimesova

Special thanks to: Viktoria Ballardt Sanne Schoofs Robbe Vermaeten Jenneke Croubels Maria Ovejero Moritz Alte Charlotte Buchal Adriaan de Roover Michael Cashmore Thomas Maria Stoehr Pauline Moos Kaj Lehner Oriane Verstraeten Lucinde Wahlen Kerstin Geffert Sara Springer Eva Weinkötz Marie Giselbrecht Alexis Mersman Jana Heinemann Bavo Verhaegen Lauren Bouden Alex Weinkötz Julia Geissler aka 3sechzig Daniel Ohlhäuser Larissa Ballardt Annick Peeters Gery Verhaegen Amina Shabbir Manuela Garcia Daimy Van Caudenberg Jacob Griffith Moritz Schlesinger Nicklas Jendryke Eva Degols Lalo Gonzales Victoria Huisman Zoë Derks Kim Peers Frederik Lovric Liederley Sasha Yatsiuk Maurice Thys Nele Visschers Doron Beuns Magdalena Balkowski & the Zeiss Großplanetarium Team Andreas Baßler Thijs Faas & the Ellis Faas team Lisa Marie Krakehl Balmain Hair Couture Scott Lipinski Christiane Arp Stefan Brunner & the FCG team Elke Timmerman Jasmien Wynants Polina Gribanova Rozalie Klimesova Lisa-Marie Krakehl Emma Krakehl Pia Ulrich (…)


Old-fashioned way of counting eggs, apples, trading items. Two dozen looks. One dozen porcelain pearls. Half a dozen handbags.

“The fly is marking a mundane and uninvited companion of our human life. Its sudden appearance evokes a strange sense of familiarity while carrying heavy symbolism for our fleeting existence. It is an animal on the fine line between revulsion and beauty. Portraying the black iridescent body of this seemingly profane insect repels and attracts the eye equally and is forgotten with one incidental gesture of our hand.”

Soundtrack (coming soon) Press

Common Green Bottle Fly: Goldfliege, Lucilia Sericita, Groene Vleesvlieg