A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in the making of this show. Your support means the world to us.

Runway photos by: Andrew Thomas

Models in order of appearance: Lana, Kobe, Julius, Janne, Marta, Todo, Priya, Franco, Mia, Marlene, Jolina, Alisa, Tabea, Marlene, Carlos, Henry, Sophie, Greta, Happy, Victoria, Damrasi

MAKE-UP TEAM Lead: Jenneke Croubels

1st assistant: Maria Ovejero

Assistants: Mai Anh Carlotta Boattini Kathrin Hieselmayr Anri Omori Eva Herbohn Darja Crainiucenco

Tools provided by ELLIS FAAS

HAIR TEAM Lead: Alessandro Margrin 

1st assistant: Giovanni Tarantini

Assistants: Filippo Calì, Alessandro Scatolini, Mattei Massimiliano, Mirco Moro, Tommaso Magrin, Simona Rossi, Liliane Reufels

Products: Balmain Hair Couture

Model Coordination: Rozalie Klimesova

Special thanks to: Viktoria Ballardt Thomas Maria Stoehr Pauline Moos Kaj Lehner Sara Springer Eva Weinkötz Marie Gieselbrecht Bavo Verhaegen Lauren Bouden Hanne Lemmens Larissa Ballardt Annick Peeters Gery Verhaegen Thijs Faas & the Ellis Faas team Lisa Marie Krakehl Carlotta Marlene Anastase Kerstin Sessler Mikeska Lauren Bouden Hanne Lemmens Bully Berlin Matteo Becker Mark Crames Ross Crames Karin Waag Rene Vaneersel Sander Cornilly Lydia kleiber Scott Lipinski Christiane Arp Stefan Brunner & the FCG team (…)


“Petrichor: a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. Thunderstorm: an extreme weather condition with very strong wind, heavy rain, and often thunder and lightning. Wet Garden: a backyard, patch or orchard, exuding a sensually wet and lush scent into the freshly rain-washed air.” → Full Story

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