Milk of Lime: Branding, Lauren Bouden & Nico Verhaegen (BE)

Orchard is a bespoke glyphic serif typeface designed by Lauren Bouden for Milk of Lime, and especially developed for small sizes and body text. An ongoing conversation between Nico Verhaegen and Lauren Bouden, where they exchange ephemeron and found typography, is at the base for this typeface. The inspiration is found in the brand’s current surrounding, from old pharmacy signs and engraved letters in rural Germany. The slightly angled serifs and thorn-like terminals also find their inspiration in the surrounding of Milk of Lime, in nature itself. Orchard retains its engraved origin and has the proportions of monumental Roman capitals. Through a number of peculiar choices, inspired by the irregularities of the found examples, the typeface reveals its elegant yet declivitous personality.

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