Milk of Lime introduces a wardrobe beyond seasonality. Consciously far from trending streams, Milk of Lime seeks to give renaissance to hidden treasures and long forgotten references of its closest surroundings, which are in rural Germany and Belgium. The aim are contemporary garments and objects that are representing actual resources and the Zeitgeist of the region(s) where we design and produce. One-of-a-kind-pieces are a natural expansion of the conscious sourcing of discarded and unique materials.

With a multi-faceted approach in craftsmanship, pattern cutting and fabric manipulation, Milk of Lime searches ways to unite exquisite elegance with honest earthiness.

Inclusion of rare fabrics and elements brings emotional value to contemporary designs and refined finishings. Milk of Lime understands its identity as a garden in which the odd can exist next to respected traditions.

This brand approaches ‘Demi Couture’ as a refined definition of luxury, where time, durable materials and craftsmanship stand as the main pillars. As the probably most sustainable manner of creating a garment, bespoke creations are a core piece of Milk of Lime.